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The Nia Technique emphasizes moving your body through nine forms of movement drawn from dance, martial arts and healing arts. By shifting your movement habits, you will create a strong and healthy body as well as engage your mind, emotion and spirit. Tone, get in shape and open new pathways to your fitness and well being with Nia. 


feel alive in your body

dance - Martial Arts - Healing

Imagine a fitness class that you want to attend. 

Imagine an experience that invigorates and relaxes you while increasing muscle tone and cardiovascular health.

Imagine a community of people forming connections throughout the world, choosing health and healing through movement.

Imagine Nia, a blend of dance, martial arts and healing arts. Imagine moving beyond traditional aerobics to work out (not wear out) your body, mind, emotion and spirit.

You can continue to imagine or you can come to Nia and get hooked.