About Me


It all started when...

I discovered the Nia Technique in 2008. I was launched into a new way of being and moving -- a transformation of self. 

Nia is a mixed modality practice that fuses dance, martial arts and healing, and brings awareness, acceptance, release and conditioning to the body, mind, emotion and spirit. 

Nia has taught me the value of  bringing awareness into my life. As a movement teacher, I have learned that transformation is possible when we open up ourselves to our own flexibility, agility, mobility, strength and stability. What happens when I experience the Nia Technique -- the conditioning, the acceptance, the release --transfers and melds into my everyday life. Now I am present to the world around me. By nurturing my awareness, I have experienced the magic of transformation.

The Nia Technique led me to move to a different country, change my outlook on life and to finally -- after years of curiously dancing around the decision -- to pursue coaching as a profession. 

As a coach, I am passionate about engaging my clients in a process of discovery and exploration. My clients dive deep to identify their values and goals on a quest to explore who they want to "be" and then, from that place of knowing, they choose what they will "do." Together, we learn from losses or failures and pause to celebrate successes. 

I trained with the Coach Training Institute (CTI) and have completed the CTI Certification program. I have been a personal and professional coach for 2 years in addition to 15+ years of leadership experience  in community event planning, marketing and public relations. I am also a movement specialist with 10 years experience teaching the Nia Technique. I studied at Lesley University in Cambridge, MA, for a Certificate in Creativity, Imagination and Leadership with the world renowned creators of the Expressive Therapies movement. I hold a BA from Cornell University as well as a Masters of Science in Journalism from Northwestern University.