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The Kresser Institute for Functional and Evolutionary Medicine launched its inaugural Health Coach Training Program in 2018. As one of the Mentor Coaches, I teach groups of 20+ students the framework and skills of the ADAPT program, demo coaching for the entire student body (350+) and perform assessments and provide feedback for students according to the competencies and standards of the National Board of Health and Wellness Coaches. This program is completely virtual.


Hoboken high school: girls empowerment group

For girls, in grades 9 - 12, who are seeking empowerment and balance. With the use of coaching and movement skills, we explore the challenges of studying, socializing and growing up. We build self esteem, belonging and self awareness through discussion and experiential learning. Together, we learn to own our individual values; we celebrate our strengths; and we explore and manage our challenges. 


stevens institute of technology: physical education class

For their PE class experience, Stevens students step into whole-body, sustainable fitness with a fusion of dance, martial arts and healing. They also learn valuable life skills and self defense moves through coaching moments during every class. Nia MoveIT integrates the best of exercise science, modern interval training and somatic movement through Nia's sensory-based approach to fitness. Each class delivers four types of conditioning: aerobic, anaerobic, reflexive, and voluntary.


mustard seed school: #claimyourhashtag

Youth in grades 6 and 7 gain skills in communication, organizational systems, limiting beliefs, perspectives, values, designing their future, empathy, leadership and resilience. By the end of the session, each participant claims a personal hashtag to embrace and embody their values and goals.


Executive Functioning Skills for School Success for 5th & 6th Graders 

A 10-part workshop focused on building confidence and emotional intelligence. Participants learn how to:

  • organize school materials

  • manage time effectively

  • keep track of belongings

  • accomplish long-term projects

  • control impulses/regulate emotions

  • organize ideas/get started

In collaboration with Starr Therapy.



international coach federation foundation: the ignite initiative, lead coach & project manager

The International Coach Federation (ICF) NYC and NJ Chapters are participating in a global project in partnership with the ICF Foundation called Ignite: Engaging Humanity Through Education. This initiative is a pro bono coaching program that focuses on The UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goal of Education. Through Ignite, we believe coaches can help build capacity in accelerating the participating  organization’s impact, and in turn will move forward the goal of ensuring inclusive and quality education for all and promoting lifelong education. 


sayge: professional Leadership coach

Sayge's mission is to transform people's lives by empowering and inspiring them to maximize their personal and professional potential. As a Sayge Coach and Ambassador, I am committed to the highest level of client-focused service for all employees at all levels of the participating company outside of the C-Suite. 


zenspace center for dance and wellness

In addition to offering two Nia-inspired movement classes per week at ZenSpace, I am in partnership with owner, Kristen Mangione, to build the ZenSpace community. Our belief is that movement brings health and healing to all bodies and that wellness is an intention. Through our work together, we schedule the Center's calendar, discuss and develop programming, develop targeted marketing efforts and create a welcoming Center for all to step in no matter their level of expertise or conditioning.



Humanitarian Coaching network, pro bono coach

The HCN is a platform that connects humanitarian staff with a global cohort of volunteer professional coaches. Its aim is to provide humanitarian and development organizations with an innovative way of 1) supporting the wellbeing and growth of a critical mass of their staff, particularly those serving in the most isolated and complex posts, and 2) fostering and sustaining a vibrant coaching culture.