Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.
— Aristotle

Happy Clients

I was stuck in a place of restlessness and micro-managing tendencies. From the first meeting with Amy, her intuition-based questions, guided focus and warm demeanor opened me up to see things I could not see on my own. The flow of my life force is stronger and more joyful, thanks to Amy.

— Kristen,creative,TX

Amy is warm, vivacious, creative, and bravely challenges me to tap into my inner strength. I have found that coaching powerfully resonates in between sessions, as well. I’m free to reach out with updates and she has generously responded. Even when I’m working “on my own,” I’m deeply processing and practicing what we have explored during our sessions.

— Mary, writer & coach, nj

I was struggling with anxiety and feeling overwhelmed. I was spending too much time beating myself up for being unproductive and was stuck in a rut of not moving forward. Now, I am reclaiming my ability to be decisive and productive. I am getting tasks done, achieving my goals and finding renewed clarity.

— vivien, teacher, nJ

I needed more clarity from myself about the choices I have made in my life and the project I was pursuing. I also needed to get rid of some of my blocks and insecurities that were getting in the way of my goals. The key goals and accomplishments I have experienced are confronting my sabators and staying positive throughout my journey.  Amy has helped me get a more clear definition of what I want to do and has given me tools to remind me of my goals and the life and work I want to have.

— jen, writer, nj


I was detached and disconnected from my voice. Since we have begun this process, I am having less panic attacks and much more flow. I am planning my dream business, and I can hear my voice again.

— Jess, Entrepreneur, CO

I was introduced to Amy at a time in my life that was filled with chaos, turmoil, anger, & fear. Having the benefit of Amy as my Coach has opened doors for me to break thru my own limiting beliefs about myself & others. I have been able to come back to me.

— Shannon, student advisor, ar

Amy allowed students to cultivate a community of acceptance, kindness and play. She invited students into a variety of practices that allowed them to practice self-confidence, humor, perspective and relaxation.  She modeled deep kindness, deep appreciation for our time together. Working alongside Amy was my favorite part of the day! 

— abby, Educator, Hoboken