Ahoy There!

Such an amazing feeling on Saturday with a full room of dancing bodies, sweat rags and all;) You have no idea how long I have waited for our community to grow in Hoboken. Our Focus for class was Discovery with the Intention of bringing awareness to whatever teachings your body had to offer. 

Kristen Mangione dreamed up that focus during a conversation we were having at the Hoboken TedX talks the night before. We were inspired by the artists who were present and their works, which we were being asked to contribute to. Pretty cool. Kristen offered the same focus in the Healing Studio for meditation while I brought Discovery to our MoveIT class in the Movement Studio across the hall. We talked about it today and celebrated the richness and depth of the synergy.


The synchronicity was so powerful for us that we decided to do it, again. We, at ZenSpace, have been working with some concepts that characterize our space and what we offer to YOU -- our community. One of the words on the list is “oasis.” This evening, we invite you to cultivate your own Personal Oasis at ZenSpace Studios through a seated meditation with Kristen or a movement meditation with me. Yes, I do consider Nia, in all its forms, to have an element of movement meditation. It is one of my favorite Principles from the White Belt — Principle 5: Awareness through Movement Meditation, Life as Art and Dancing through Life. This element of meditative movement is why we often feel so relaxed post class even though we have moved and raised our heart rates. 

When I come to ZenSpace to teach and I arrive to the studio, I feel a sense of grounding and calm. I also feel a sense of excitement for what will come. That sweet little studio is part of my Personal Oasis in Hoboken. 

Join us, in our ZenSpace, to create your Personal Oasis tonight. 6:15 pm,



Living LIFE!

Tonight, We Dance! MWAHAHA!!!!