Acceptance of Skin & Soul

Hi Guys!

Look what I got yesterday at the Hoboken Arts & Music Festival! Cuffs are a huge part of Nia culture. One of the founders of Nia, Carlos, used to wear one on each wrist and wallah, a trend was born. You’ll also notice that people who dance Nia begin to shed their t-shirts and large clothing. They start to step into bright colored and more fitted dance wear. An acceptance of skin and soul. So, if you feel it, dance! And if you want to, shed your layers, by all means…Get sassy, colorful and move your body!

Speaking of Moving! ZenSpace is having a Summer Solstice Dance Party on June 22 @ The Madison. I will be there on the dance floor waiting for you. Starts at 9 so don your favorite and most comfortable shoes cuz we are going to have a blast. $5 members / $10 members. Half of all proceeds will go to tipping the bartenders for the night so you don’t have to worry about the tip. Sign up here:

See you this week — Tonight, Friday and Saturday.

It’s super hot so we set up the air conditioner in the studio. Making it comfortable for all...

Much Love,


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