Awareness in Travel

Hellllooooo from Tel Aviv!

I know, I know…You thought I would up and leave and disappear for the summer. Nope. Just doesn’t happen that way for me. Although I step out of teaching you in July and August, every summer, I step into deep reflection and learning. This summer, I have declared my focus to be Awareness with the intention of bringing my Nia practice and philosophy into my everyday life. I have to say that it is a wild ride. So much rich, deep learning and clear understanding. I will share it with you throughout the summer. Look for me on FB with all my shares and here in our weekly email.

I am also spending time everyday learning routines to bring back to all of you. I’ve chosen for my first one an oldie but a goodie: Oshun. It’s a Debbie Rosas routine chock-a-block with martial arts moves set in easy-to-learn and fun combinations. I’ve also identified and woven in some deeper understanding of yoga as I move through the routine. And, I am learning it tight so the easy in my body transfers to yours;) I can’t wait to share it with you! I’m also playing with setting the routine to contemporary music so we will have a lot to work with when I return. I wonder which routine I will choose to learn after Oshun…stay tuned!

And TOMORROW, you all have CLASS! This time, you have Zumba ZenSpace Style. We’re branching out into additional styles of dance and movement. We’ve invited Amanda Eitzen to join the team to sub for Marisa who is subbing for me;) She will teach Zumba with a special focus on keeping it healthy and sustainable for your body. Please register for class, try it out and let us know what you think! 

I hope you are all having a wonderfully warm summer experience. 

Much Love,


Road Runner...Meep Meep!

Summer Step Out - Learning & Yearning