My Tootsie...Rolls

Hi Everyone! 

I ate a ton of tootsie rolls last night. No, I am not kidding. I did.

And, now, I am ready to work my TOOTSIE off! 

And…I hope you will join me for the Create Your Life Purpose Play / Work Shop Sunday at 6 pm --

I AM the flame that ignites awareness, movement and community. 

This is my current Life Purpose Statement, which guides me in my personal and professional life in all ways. I think of it as a resource as well as a guiding truth that helps me to make decisions and to Feel Alive in My Body, mind, emotion & spirit. 

How can creating your Life Purpose Statement enrich and enliven you? 

Let’s find out! Join me Sunday for an hour and a half of dynamic ease. Explore your life purpose statement through visualization, conversation and introspection…

    Who are you? 

    How do you do what you do? 

    What lights you up?

    How do you light up others?

Step into the world with greater purpose and direction. 

And, if the timing doesn’t work for you; yet, you are interested, let me know as I am planning a midweek series soon.


Peace Out & Vote

Steep Hills