Peace Out & Vote

Hey All!

Clocks back. Life full steam ahead! 

When day light savings begins, I like to snuggle into a dream state. For me it is a time of introspection — a looking inward. What better time than now to clarify your purpose, your passion? 

How are you clear in your purpose?



The Nia schedule is fully back on track this week! Word is that the election is bringing great feelings of anxiety and depression to our population. Release all that emotion with Nia & me. As a person who has lived with extreme anxiety for as long as I can remember, there is nothing quite like The Nia Technique to reset and recalibrate my nervous system and my mood. 

The name of the game and the routine this week is JOY. Come all ye, New to Nia — simple steps to follow and delicious Joy Full movement. Condition your Body. Release your mind, emotion and spirit!

And I’ve heard lots of peops talking about not voting. What? It’s our Right and our honor. Please VOTE! 

Dip into Your Dreams

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