This sh*t works

Hey, Hey All!

Let’s make this quick and fabulous.

Next Sunday, Dec. 4, from 6 to 7:30 pm at Zen Space, we are going to:

Debunk our Saboteurs

Spend an hour (+.5) regaining your power! 

You know that voice in your headYes, THAT one. 

It's the one that stops you from moving forward and getting what you truly want in your life. It's your saboteur, and we all have them. They are not good or bad. They simply are.

When you know your saboteurs well, they lose their hold over your life so let’s get to it by learning to:

 Identify your saboteur for what it is

• Notice your options in the situations where the saboteur shows up

• Consciously choose the action you want

What you learn in this session, you will take with you and be able to apply whenever “that voice” shows up in your life.


Nia this week…

May I celebrate for a moment?! One of my students came to class last week and announced that since September, she has lost 7 pounds! She credits Nia and other classes at Zen Space. And then she said, "I appreciate you in ways you can’t even imagine.” For those of you hanging around, feeling kind of yucky and needing a shift, a release and a new way of being…COME to the Nia Experience!

This post-Thanksgiving week, we have 5 class times to condition & move your body while releasing your mind, emotion & spirit.Honestly, I have been using Nia these past couple weeks to push away the post-election, early-dark blues. I intentionally offered class on Friday and Saturday to keep in the flow, and you know what? I’m feeling much, much better today!


In the words of Nia Technique Creator, Debbie Rosas, “This sh*t works!”

In Gratitude

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