Pulsing Nia Your Body's Way

Hellllllloooooo, Nia community!

I just got off the plane a few hours ago, and I am so ready to jump right back into my schedule. I hope you are ready to jump in with me!

By the way, Nia Technique Headquarters has been working on some wonderful, clarifying descriptions of Nia and how it is beneficial to you and me. Here’s a first tidbit:

"We guide people to move The Body’s WayTM following the inherent design and function of the body.

One of the most exciting aspects of Nia movement is the relationship it has to the design and function of the body. We take great pride guiding people to optimize the potential of their body by teaching them to follow and read the map of The Body's Way. When people move naturally, they feel and look better. This results in a better quality of life." 

More to come in future mails, through classes and of course, through movement. I am completely jet lagged and yet, invigorated by my time away, and as always, ready to dance. 

A new routine is on the table…Come PULSE with me!

Listen to the BUZZ

The Fairy Godmother of Exercise