Listen to the BUZZ

Hey All!

I want you all to know that we have built the most amazing, growing, wonderful community this year in Hoboken and the surrounding towns. I feel it! I sense it in my bones and all 13 joints. Nia is being requested in different venues. I get stopped on the street to answer questions from curious potential students who have heard the BUZZ. And that Buzz comes from all of you! When you share your experiences of Nia, we spread the word of conditioning and healing with pleasure. Thank you!!!


Coming in September…be on the lookout for increased offerings at Zen Space, including Move IT, Nia’s painfree, super energizing and self-conditioning interval training. We will have the usual Wednesday and Friday classic Nia classes plus an additional two Move IT classes on Wednesdays at noon and Saturdays at 9 am!!

Nia Nation

Pulsing Nia Your Body's Way