The Come Back

Hi, Former Nia Dancer!

You have attended at least one of my Nia classes…and I would love to have you dance more. 

In my last Nia class, We moved. We sweat. We laughed. We played. We celebrated one of our students who got married yesterday! We stepped out feeling really, really good!

I know it’s not always easy to make yourself and your body a priority. An hour of Nia is worth your time. Your body, mind, emotion & spirit will thank you! I know that mine does!

This week, I am starting a full line up of classes. The first class is at Celebrate Life Studio!!!

I hope to see you all TOMORROW. If you have any questions about Classic Nia vs. Nia Move IT — let me know. [Basic difference is that the focus in Nia Move IT is specifically on conditioning (aerobic, anaerobic, voluntary, reflexive) and Classic Nia weaves conditioning into a more fluid dance of movements. The 52 basic moves of Nia are incorporated into both and the language is the same. And, you always listen to your body and do the class at your level.]

And…for those of you who are looking for a shift in life, step into an hour of coaching with me. Sample session free with absolutely no commitment to continuing on. I do this cuz I love coaching and I believe in the possibility of living a life feeling alive in your body, mind, emotion & spirit. My hubby actually had a sample session with a coach in May, and it changed everything for him as he moves into his new career creation. 

Move in Peace.

Steep Hills

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