A Gift from A Friend

Good Morning!

Today, I am sharing a most beautiful message sent by one of my favorite Nia teachers and one of my movement mentors. The wonderful Lori Lynn Meader has a most delicious focus for this pre-Thanksgiving holiday. It’s simple and in that simplicity, perfect.


Together, let’s BREATHE deeply. How does that feel? Where does your body expand as you inhale and where do you feel the contraction on your exhale?

Do you BELIEVE that healing happens? Your body, your mind, your spirit gravitate towards feeling good. Allow pleasure to be your guide.

Now, simply RECEIVE the magic, the gifts, the wonderful treasures that Nia offers you. 

In wellness and warmth,



Ssssssshhhhh. Be very quite...

Ssssssshhhhh. Be very quite...

Living LIFE!