The Universe & Guest from Germany

Dear Dancers,

I received this message from the Universe today. It made me smile, and then I thought of all of you. I just have to share it with you…

I distinctly remember the conversation, Amy. We were having triple-chocolate brownie fudgesicles, listening to Beethoven’s “Fifth” before he even was Beethoven, overlooking the galaxy, when you mentioned how neat you thought it would be to one day have dreams you didn’t know you’d inevitably manifest, to have challenges you didn’t know you’d inevitably conquer, and to have friends you didn’t know you’d inevitably meet.

And as I leaned forward in total awe, all agog, wanting to learn more of your genius and courage, I almost fainted when you added, “And should it ever appear as if I could use your help, before I even begin helping myself, back off or you’ll ruin everything.”

You memory-maker you,
The Universe

The big news this week is that Debbie Rosas is offering a Festival of Nia in Summit, New Jersey on Sunday, June 4. There has been so much interest that we’ve moved into a larger studio space. That means a few spaces have opened up for last minutes takers. I am driving with 2 of my students. Join us for the ride, the community and the day!!

AND, next Monday, one of my favorite buddies from Europe is coming to teach with me! Uta - my brown and black belt buddy! I hope you will come and experience the JOY of this talented teacher. And, welcome one of our international Nia community friends to our fold. This is her first time in NY & Hoboken. Let’s make an impression. And anyone who would like to go have dinner after, let me know. I will make a reservation, and we will celebrate her and us with full tummies post class;)

See you all this Friday, Saturday, hopefully SUNDAY, and Monday…


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