Self Defense is Your Right, Your Responsibility and Within Your Power

Self Defense is Your Right, Your Responsibility and Within Your Power


It’s me, once again, from Israel with a seriously interesting share…Please pay attention to this one! 

My big girls and I were offered the opportunity to take a 3-time self defense course this summer. We went for it. This isn’t the kind of course where you sit in the classroom and listen. This is a full-on, impact course where we learn and experience defending ourselves in full volume. Lights on, Lights OFF - from the front, from behind, any which way. We hit cushions and we hit people. 

The instructors are from the world of Aikido so while they are gentle in their approach to the martial arts, they are not gentle in what they are offering us for our own safety. The three most important lessons I have learned during the first two sessions is:


2. Use Posture and Walk to convey that you are not a Victim

3. USE YOUR VOICE (NO! NO! NO!) with every punch, kick and movement

If you have experienced Nia with me, you already know that there are threads of these elements throughout my classes. Awareness and appreciation of your body, your strengths, your weaknesses and YES, your Voice is a pivotal component of Nia for me. In this course, we practice yelling NO while kicking, kneeing, striking our attacker. The 20+ women taking this course range in age from 12 to 65, and everyone of them has POWER and VOICE.

YOU have POWER and VOICE. Don’t shy away from it in the safe spaces of your life like in Nia class. USE IT. So in the event that you need it, instinct takes over after the initial shock, and all of your Power and Voice will be available to you.

Here is Lina (my 18 year old) in practice with an unmasked teacher. (Look at the teachers wearing masks for full-contact practice behind her.):





I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to Adi Goren, my movement mentor and dear friend, who, once again, has extended an opportunity to me to step into my power and strength. And to afford me the opportunity to teach my children a vital lesson at this age and stage of their lives. 

With all my love,


PREPARE for Impact

PREPARE for Impact

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