We Got Game...

Get ready!!! Cuz we got GAME for this Monday Night! Hip Hop Game!

We contacted Say Say to bring Hip Hop to ZenSpace. Who is Say Say? What?! He is none other than Derrick Ladson’s younger brother. Derrick spent years teaching hip hop in Hoboken to children and adults before moving to Puerto Rico. (My daughter, Shai, took classes with him, and he is amazing body, mind, emotion & spirit.) Say Say is just as talented and as lovely a person. I know cuz he has joined Derrick on many occasions to dance with the kids! Say Say is back from working at Walt Disney World and said YES to teaching at ZenSpace! Whoot Whoot!!!

Due to Marisa’s shoulder injury, we asked Say Say to sub on Monday night...


This class infuses dance moves, sports drills, conditioning exercises and high intensity Hip-Hop dance workout. First portion of the class we'll be moving for about 25mins straight, targeting different body parts and some strengths or weaknesses, followed by a 5 minute ab and core strengthening. For the last half hour, the class ends with a small hip-hop routine , a cool down, and a stretch. Think fitness meets Zumba meets Hip-Hop ! Prepare to sweat! 

We wish Marisa a speedy recovery!! And thank her for filling in for me while I am away!


Self Defense is Your Right, Your Responsibility and Within Your Power

Self Defense is Your Right, Your Responsibility and Within Your Power

Road Runner...Meep Meep!